International Conference “Music in the Western Mediterranean. Intercultural Communication Networks” (23-25 July 2014)


The Mediterranean lands occupy a fluid space. Coexistence is the only common feature that can be applied to this kaleidoscope of continents, languages, religions, ethnic groups, social and political structures, economic activities and artistic patterns of behaviour and ways of life. In this cohabitation—sometimes peaceful, often conflictive—we find a shared diversity: the Mediterranean lands form a cluster of cultures that have crossed, blended, and mutually influenced each other for millennia, without losing their individual identities.

Music participates in this kaleidoscopic world. This conference, which marks the 10th session of the Jornades de Musicologia organized by AVAMUS since 2005, aims to use music as the point of departure for a collective exploration of how the peoples inhabiting the Western Mediterranean have lived, how we continue to converse, and what we what we can do in the future to restore harmony to each of the lands and among the peoples bathing in our Sea.

23-25 July 2014
Societat Coral El Micalet. C/ Guillem de Castro, 73, València (Spain)

Ascensión Mazuela’s paper
‘Una Celestial armonía’: los conventos femeninos en la vida musical de Barcelona en el siglo XVI


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