La Girona de l’època moderna: de l’obrador al baluard (segles XVI-XVIII) Museu d’Història de Girona

By Tess Knighton

Museu d'Història de Girona

I recently visited this exhibition in Girona – a beautiful, Italianate city for those who have never been there! There are a number of musical items (music manuscripts and some seventeenth- to eighteenth-century instruments), and some very interesting documentation about the city. I was particularly struck by the following document from the Archivo Municipal de Girona regarding the early history of the sardana, drafted by Jeroni Saconomina, honoured citizen and Batlle, in 1594:

‘lo dia de Santa Susatna […] troban-me yo balla de Girona, comansí y maní a tots los jutglàs que no sonasen sardenes en tot lo meu trieni fins tinguesen altre orde meu; y assò fiu per lo gran ballar desonest que feya lo populatxo per les plases ballant serdanes […] y per que lo altra temps dèyan los vells que no.s ballaven serdanes ny sebien lo que era.’

Has anyone encountered similar edicts?

 TK 15/12/2014

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