Seminar “ENTRADES REIALS A BARCELONA, 1500-1700”, Barcelona, MUHBA, 24 & 31 January 2019

Al llarg dels segles, les entrades reials foren moments essencials que reflectien, mitjançant la posada en escena, les relacions polítiques entre la monarquia i la ciutat. Les entrades tenien una naturalesa doble: formaven part de les festivitats urbanes alhora que constituïen el cicle festiu i de celebracions de la monarquia. Especialment, representaven un moment idoni per a l’escenificació i la projecció del poder monàrquic. Així, la cerimònia de l’entrada reial, simbiosi de processó cívica i religiosa a la vegada, esdevenia una ocasió única per a la negociació política, social i fins i tot identitària. Aquest seminari reuneix experts en la història de la cultura de la ciutat de Barcelona a l’edat moderna.


17.00 h

17.15 h
Imatge del rei i percepció ciutadana: veure i ser vist a les entrades reials a Barcelona
Alfredo Chamorro, historiador

18.00 h
La visita reial: alliçonament espectacular
Francesc Massip, URV

18.45 h
Esbalair la cort. Les arts figuratives al servei de la inefable meravella de la ciutat transformada
Ida Mauro, UB

19.30 h
Debat general


17.00 h

17.15 h
Les entrades reials a Barcelona i la història de les emocions
Tess Knighton, ICREA-IMF, CSIC

18.00 h
Una festa dels sentits: olors, sabors, colors i sons a les entrades reials a Barcelona
Maria Ángeles Pérez Samper, UB

18.45 h
Viure la festa, viure la música: les músiques com a element emocional a les entrades reials a Barcelona
Jordi Raventós, historiador

19.30 h
Debat general

20.00 h

Tot i que l’entrada és gratuïta, cal fer la reserva prèvia a l’apartat “Entrades i reserves” del web

MUHBA Pl. del Rei, Sala de Martí l’Humà
Plaça del Rei, s/n
08002 Barcelona
Tel. 93 256 21 00

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Workshop on Sounds and Spaces: The Future of Urban Musicology, 25 October 2018

Workshop on Sounds and Spaces: The Future of Urban Musicology
as part of the Humanities in Transition Conference organized by the Institució Milà i Fontanals–CSIC at the Palau Macaya, Barcelona
Thursday 25 October 2018, 17.30-1900hh
Co-ordinator: Tess Knighton (ICREA / IMF–CSIC)
Participants: Isabel María Ayala Herrera (Universidad de Jaén); Lluis Bertran (Barcelona); Simone Caputo (Università La Sapienza di Roma); Ferrán Escrivà Llorca (Universitat de Jaume I de Castellón), María Rosa de Luca (Università di Catania); Javier Marín-Lopez (Universidad de Jaén), Ascensión Mazuela-Anguita (Universidad de Granada); Virginia Sánchez López (Universidad de Jaén)

Urban musicology is already established as  a major line of inquiry within the Humanities. By nature transdisciplinary, relevant to all periods and with a global reach, urban musicology offers a conceptual portal into many fundamental aspects of social and cultural practice. It affords a way forward for the study of the complex dynamic between space, acoustic, sound, ritual, ceremony, performance, daily experience, emotional impact and expression, and social identity. To date most studies have focused on individual urban centres with little development of the potential for a comparative approach, whether synchronically or diachronically and whether at local, regional, national or global levels. This workshop offers the opportunity to discuss how a comparative approach might be developed, both conceptually and through the use of the tools for data collection and analysis that form part of the digital humanities.  The workshop will include some case studies, and will also address the wider theoretical issues.

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Vox feminae: la mujer como compositora, intérprete y fuente de inspiración en la música medieval, Huesca, 7-9 September 2018

Vox feminae: la mujer como compositora, intérprete y fuente de inspiración en la música medieval
Huesca, UIMP, Sede Pirineos, Centro cultural Ibercaja Palacio de Villahermosa
7-9 September 2018

Coordination: Mauricio Molina
Administration: Virginia Gonzalo

Download the full programme
More information

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Hearing the City in Early Modern Europe, Book presentation, Granada, 2 May 2018



A presentation of the book Hearing the city in early modern Europe and a lecture of Prof. Tess Knighton will take place at the Universidad de Granada on 2 May 2018 at 10.30am.

Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, Universidad de Granada
Room: Aula Federico García Lorca
Time: 10:30am




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Publication of Hearing the City in Early Modern Europe

The book Hearing the City in Early Modern Europe (Turnhout: Brépols, 2018), edited by Tess Knighton and Ascensión Mazuela-Anguita, is now published.



  1. Tim Carter, Hearing and Listening: Some Problems for the Urban Musicologist

1 Crossing Boundaries

2. Dinko Fabris, Urban Musicologies
3. David Irving, Hearing Other Cities: The Role of Seaborne Empires and Colonial Emporia in Early Modern Musical Exchange
4. Juan José Carreras, Topography, Sound and Music in Eighteenth-Century Madrid
5. Bruce Smith, Sounding Shakespeare’s London: The Noisy Politics of Ceremonial Entries
6. Helen Hills, Veiling the Voice of Architecture

2 Sounds in Contention: Musical Repertories and Genres in Contested Urban Spaces

7. Jan-Friedrich Missfelder, Sounds and Silences of Reformation Zurich, 1524-71
8. Joachim Kremer, Musical Experience in Urban Societies in the Seventeenth and Early Eighteenth Centuries: Communication, Moral Issues and Musical Townscape
9. Mélanie Traversier, Music as Dangerous Urban Leisure: Safety in and around Public Theatres in Enlightenment Naples
10. Anna Tedesco, Shaping the Urban Soundscape in Spanish Palermo
11. Andrea Bombi, Cantaron a no más, or Musical Changes in Eighteenth-Century Spain as Constructed Through Valencian relaciones de fiestas

3 Soundworlds and Spatial Strategies of the Social Elite

12. Ascensión Mazuela-Anguita, The Contribution of the Requesens Noblewomen to    the Soundscape of Sixteenth-Century Barcelona Through the Palau de la Comtessa
13. Anne-Madeleine Goulet, Music in Late Seventeenth-Century Rome: The Palazzo Orsini as a Performance Space
14. Ferran Escrivà, The Procession of the Relics of São Roque (Lisbon, 1588): A Royal Entry?
15. Javier Marín, Music Regulations and Sacred Repertories in a Ducal Town Without a Duke: Francisco de los Cobos and the Sacra Capilla of El Salvador in Sixteenth-Century Úbeda

4 Case Studies in Urban Soundscapes

16. Reinhard Strohm, On the Soundscape of Fifteenth-Century Vienna
17. Tess Knighton, Orality and Aurality: Contexts for the Unwritten Musics of Sixteenth-Century Barcelona 
18. Ilaria Grippaudo, Music, Religious Communities and the Urban Dimension: Sound Experiences in Palermo in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
19. María Gembero, Re-Mapping Urban Music in Spanish Regional Contexts: The Case of Navarre (Sixteenth-Eighteenth Centuries) 
20. Peter Holman, ‘A Vast Number of Voices and Instruments’: The Performance of Large-Scale Concerted Music in Early Eighteenth-Century London


21. Juan Ruiz, Historical Soundscapes of Andalusia (c. 1200-c. 1800): An On-Line Digital Platform

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Book presentation: Música i política a l’època de l’arxiduc Carles (11 January 2018)

A couple of photos of the book launch held at the Museu d’Història de Barcelona last Thursday. It was very well attended and offered a good opportunity to talk about some aspects of music and politics in the urban context to a more general, but very well informed audience.

Many thanks to Álvaro Torrente, Joan-Lluís Palos and Xosé Aviñoa for their excellent contributions, and to Aurèlia Pessarrodona for singing pieces by Handel, Caldara and Rabassa, with Esteban Mazel on the harpsichord. Many thanks, too, to Joan Roca and all the team at MUHBA, especially Teresa Macià for help with organising the concert and Ana Shelly for her brilliance as a publisher and dedication to the editing of the book.

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Book presentation: Música i política a l’època de l’arxiduc Carles

Musica i politica a l’epoca de l’arxiduc Carles, ed. Tess Knighton and Ascension Mazuela, Barcelona, Museu d’Historia de Barcelona, 2017

Book presentation

With the participation of Álvaro Torrente, Xose Aviñoa, Joan-Lluis Palos and Tess Knighton
Followed by a performance by Aurèlia Pessarrodona (soprano) and Esteban Mazel (harpsichord)

Thursday, 11 January 2018
MUHBA Plaça del Rei, Sala de Martí l’Humà
Plaça del Rei s/n


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